The air feels renovated after the rain. Longed-for autumn is knocking on the door (it didn’t arrive in Malaga yet…) and here we are again packing summer recipes away to leave some room for the new season dishes.

Goodbye my favourite salad this summer. A “discovery” that has been in front of my eyes every summer of my life, and before I was even born, has been present every summer in my family’s life. An old and humble dish to bear the heat during the hard work days in the country.

The old version has got more water than vegetables and days-old country bread, but still very refreshing and healthy. Nowadays version, not so humble, has got plenty of vegetables chopped in small dices (the same ones we use for gazpacho: cucumber, ripe and firm tomatos, green pepper and onion) seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, Sherry vinegar and salt. Adding fresh water just enough to cover and stirring carefully to mix well will almost complete the salad. Finally tear one slice of country bread in small pieces and grill them to get a crunchy contrast.

Soak the grilled bread in the salad and serve in a bowl with a spoon to have it NOW!, before autumn definitely comes and tomatoes turn into pumkins!!