“Slow Culinary Travel” is trendy. Or that’s what Wellness Tourism Worldwide says.

This prestigious American company dedicated to developing and promoting wellness travel, publishes every year a “Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends“. For 2014, three of those top trends are directly related to the experience A Cooking Day offers in Malaga: local life, food tourism and “slow travel”.

Basically they point to the fact of travellers having a deeper appreciation for authentic experiences locally relevant, they want to live the local life. Food tourism emerges as an important trend offering experiences (such as food tours or cooking lessons) that connect with the emotional, social, intellectual and sustainable aspects of well-being. And finally there isn’t much to say about “slow travel”: travellers pace is changing in order to revel and taste every vacation experience.

This year 2014 is coming to an end and we hope these trends are not just a temporary fashion, but a steady movement towards a different way of travelling and discovering the world: slower, more local, more concious and delicious, of course.