Cogiendo-aceitunasThis year my friend Alvaro and I decided to pick ourselves the olives at home and try to have our own organic olive oil, no certification but natural a hundred per cent. And so we did. Friends and family participated the way and for the time they could, and we all got caught up in enthusiasm and happiness working outdoors surrounded by the beautiful countryside, no hurries, sharing talk and laughs at lunch, which my mother prepared everyday for everyone there, learning plenty of new things.

After fifteen days, we got to the oil mill on Sunday evening, excited and exhausted, and we waited for a few hours to see the golden element coming out from a stainless steel tube. Not very romantic, but it is difficult to explain how exciting it is to see this greenish liquid we had so much hoped and worked for. Everything there smell of freshly squeezed olive juice, and I needed a break, but we got a wonderful organic olive oil, that I willl use for every recipe,row and cooked, until the last drop. I am looking forward to repeat the experience next year, and you are invited.

Thank you all, friends and family.