Malaga tastes so good you could eat it up.

We can be curious, or just exercise our responsibility on local economy support, and will find in Malaga many companies belonging to the local food industry that have been working for years to get a quality brand to certify the singularity, authenticity and quality of their products, though many of them are well known outside Malaga but not at home.

Dare to have a look at the labels and look for “Made in Malaga” delights, which give wealth and value to our territory and have been made or produced just around the corner. The “malagueña” goat, a very popular breed, produces high quality milk (most of it is exported) to make delicious goat cheese, and the goat kid meat has got a quality brand. The wine sector, with two designations of origin, D.O. Malaga and D.O. Sierras de Malaga, is on the way of recovering the glory of the old times with vineyards and wineries spread along the province landscape. Another D.O. Pasas de Malaga (raisins) and D.O.P. Antequera Olive Oil or “Aloreña” Olive. Enjoy a gin (& tonic) or anisette from Ronda, a liquor from Ojen or a craft beer made in Malaga; beautiful vegetables from the Guadalorce area, “mollete” bread from Antequera, the purple carrot from Cuevas Bajas, avocado, mango or custard apple from the Axarquia, honey from Teba or canned mackerel.

This and many other products and producers give us a gastronomic treasure still to be known and passed on, along with attached landscape value in many occasions, traditions and rural environment preservation and support. Awareness and curiosity grow day by day encouraged by organizations, cooperatives, producers associations or simply people enthusiastic about great local food you only have to try to be persuaded.

We, in A Cooking Day, belong to that group of enthusiastic people who want to share, divulge, let you know and make you taste Malaga gastronomy through our own products. Come and try!