Traditional food in Malaga: “lomo en manteca”

    February 8th, 2016|0 Comments

    We are right in the

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    Meatballs in almond sauce

    January 30th, 2016|0 Comments

    Among the countless Nature wonders,

    • spanish cooking lessons malaga

    Spanish omelette with wild asparagus

    November 30th, 2015|0 Comments

    Last Sunday we had a cooking

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    February and cold soups: “porra de naranja”

    February is still part of the low season at A Cooking Day, which is good in order to get some

    Traditional food in Malaga: “lomo en manteca”

    We are right in the heart of Malaga, walking among the bustling stalls of Atarazanas Market to enjoy a

    Meatballs in almond sauce

    Among the countless Nature wonders, one of my favourites is the almond blossom. A winter beauty of white petals

    Spanish omelette with wild asparagus

    Last Sunday we had a cooking day among friends. The countryside was beautiful and also the weather, so the terrace was crowded all

    Orange and cod salad from Malaga

    Since I see the first oranges in the orchard I run to the market to get some salted cod and

    Cooking chards in yellow sauce

    It’s been raining for days, absolute happiness for me living as I do in Málaga, a place where the rainy

    Sweet couscous with jelly and cream

    A Cooking Day hosted a large group of American students from Spelman College, Atlanta. Along with the girls we enjoyed

    Ajoblanco with fresh green almonds

    The ajoblanco, a refreshing almond cold soup, is a summer classic in Malaga. In the old times it was a daily

    Food “Made in Malaga”

    Malaga tastes so good you could eat it up. We can be curious, or just exercise our responsibility on local

    Slow culinary travel. Get local, go slow, revel and taste

    “Slow Culinary Travel” is trendy. Or that’s what Wellness Tourism Worldwide says. This prestigious American company dedicated to developing and

    The gazpacho salad I loved this summer!

    The air feels renovated after the rain. Longed-for autumn is knocking on the door (it didn't arrive in Malaga yet...)

    The organic market and the beet salad

    Being at the height of January belt-tightening, many still carry the regrets for the Christmas excess. So putting both things

    Sunny winter in Malaga

    Winter warm and sunny days filled with brightness and life, "springter" is one of the best seasons in Malaga, perfect for A

    Wild asparagus soup

    In spite of this lovely weather, my biological clock knows it is winter time, and after a long country walk is

    Our own organic olive oil from Málaga

    This year my friend Alvaro and I decided to pick ourselves the olives at home and try to have our

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